Wednesday, 20 May 2015

10,000 Views Contest Submission

Here are the captions you guys sent me for this contest. Frankly I'm a little disappointed with the turnout, but since its my first contest, I think it'll improve in the future.

Now originally I had planned 4 prizes, but since the participation in this contest was a little low, I'm changing it to 2 prizes. The First prize will go to the caption that gets the most votes from you guys, and the second prize goes to a captioner chosen by me. 
The prizes of course are a custom caption of your choosing, whatever you want I will make. Feel free to send me a plot, or a pic, or even a general theme.

Without further ado here are the submissions.

Anonymous(1) 1

Sissy Love Doll 1

C2SAnon Series: 1

C2SAnon Series: 2

Redbeard 1

Anonymous(2) 1

Mr. Smith 1

Mr. Smith 2

Ian 1

Good luck in the polls everybody!

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