Thursday, 7 May 2015

10,000 Blog Views!

I have just gotten 10,000 blog views. (Thanks so much Elena) And I've decided to mark it with my first ever open ended caption series and contest.

I have written a small caption series and would like you to read it and design your own caption to end it. (For which I will be supplying images) For those of you unable to create a caption, you may send me your choice of picture with and text separately and i will make them into a caption under your name.
To submit the captions please send them to me at

1. Please try to remain on topic
2. That's literally it. Go nuts!

The last date for submission will be in 10 days or 16/5/15 (or 5/16/15). After that I'll post all the entries and we'll have a poll set up to see which caption you guys think is the best ending.

Without further ado, there is the series.

And here are the images for you guys to use.

Good Luck!

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