Monday, 10 October 2016

Caption Contest 6

Caption Contest 6

The theme of this caption contest is 'Interracial Explicit', which means its all about white boi sissies and big black dick. However if you're uncomfortable with the parameters of the interracial universe, you're free to create a normal caption where the feminized man is grappling with a black cock! I have included some (2) non explicit images into the fray just to spice up your imaginations too.

Contest Rules
1. Choose an images to caption. You may add your own external images if you're making a series, although please include a minimum of one of these images below.
2. You can submit as many captions as you like.
3. Captions can be interracial or normal. (Although in this case they'll generally be interracial)
4. Submit your captions to
5. Submissions will be taken until 25th October.
6. For those unable to format captions themselves please email the text for the caption and the image number to me and I will format them for you.

The Prizes
Three winners will be chosen by poll (2) and 1 by me. The caption which gets the most amount of votes will be awarded a caption series (Email me with your idea) and the other two winners will receive a custom caption. If the amount of submissions increases, its likely that i may move the number of winners up to 5 or six.

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