Friday, 1 April 2016


Caption Contest 5: Families

So here is my fifth caption contest, and the topic is families; Was the entire family feminized at once, was there a feminizer who picked them off one by one. Did someone within the family feminize them? What is the relationship between the feminized men. Is it an interracial, where the entire family is subjected to submission to black men? I would like to encourage maximum participation, even if you think your ideas are silly, don't hesitate to write them down, you never know they could be a contest winner!

Contest Rules
1. Choose an images to caption.
2. You can submit as many captions as you like.
3. Captions can be interracial or normal.
4. Submit your captions to
5. Submissions will be taken until 6th January.
6. For those unable to format captions themselves please email the text for the caption and the image number     to me and I will format them for you.

The Prizes
Three winners will be chosen by poll (2) and 1 by me. The caption which gets the most amount of votes will be awarded a caption series (Email me with your idea) and the other two winners will receive a custom caption. If the amount of submissions increases, its likely that i may move the number of winners up to 5 or six.

                                          Submission Deadline is 12th April.

Good Luck!

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