Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Contest Submission: Ballgowns

A pretty poor turnout once again... Maybe the topics I've put out haven't been the best... 
But we still have several caption presented.

The Poll is on the left and closes in a week.
Best of luck to all the captioners!


C2SAnon 1

C2SAnon 2

C2SAnon 3

Ian 1

Anonymous(1) 1

Anonymous(1) 2

Richie Schulz


  1. Great captions everybody. i liked this theme and contest, don't get disheartened

  2. I agree with Ian - it's great to see you hosting contests and putting out interesting themes! I think the more modest turnout may be due to less eyeballs on your blog than perhaps other contests (like my own) had - I'll try to plug any contests you put on in the next few weeks and also would recommend applying to have your site listed on World of TG. It's a great site and I've gotten a lot of views from it!